All Star Game went for 40 minutes. Staff and students spared no effort during the game. Striving for what you love!

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Australia-wide mathematics competition for students. AMC is run by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) which was formed in 1992 from the Australian Mathematics Foundation, the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee and the University of Canberra, which became the trustee.

The usage of electronic devices is the concern of parents and school. In order to help students to develop the ability to use electronic devices smartly, SDA's Student Center has been providing technical support to students.

It is a little uneasy to be cared by others, but accept quite soon.
Relying on others is one of the pleasure in childhood, but when getting old, we feel not very comfortable as we want to be gentlemen or ladies. However, the beauty in the life comes from relying on each other, so does responsibility. Growth with responsibility is a lifelong course.

Shanghai DTD Academy First Student Council Electionof 2018/19 got off to an energetic start. After an exciting week of campaign. All students and faculty attended the election and gave their votes.


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